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RenegadeMasters Linkshell

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RenegadeMasters Linkshell

Post  Kaiia on Mon Jun 20, 2011 9:26 pm

~ Welcome to Renegade Masters ~

Created on May 5th, 2010 for the soul purpose of giving pet jobs a new place to call home.

Kaiia started recruiting on the 7th and it was a hit! RM became bigger and stronger by each day! Players all over from Beastmasters to Dragoons came and did what they do best! Kick butt!

For a few months the LS was very active and running great. Killing NMs and trying its best to get its members the gear they wanted.

Not long after Kaiia's account got hacked and thus without a leader the LS started to die out. Drit, Sodin and few other officers tried to keep the LS active but by Sept it had died. Kaiia had decided to quit and thus RM along with it.

Now 9 months later Kaiia is back with RM! It has changed into a Social pet linkshell where all adventures can just hang out and have fun!

Linkshell Policies

General Policies
· We are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves, so try to play nice. Disagreements will happen but try to resolve them like adults. If the officers notice your behaviour to be bothering other members you will be warned, and if you reoffend removed.
· We ask that everyone in the LS also sign up on the website.
· We will not tolerate abuse of other players in the LS, as well we will not tolerate abuse of players not in this LS. If we see you are purposefully messing with another LS NMs runs, or otherwise making a nuisance of yourself you will be possibly removed from the LS. We are not saying you can't have fun, and play a few games with people, just have some respect and they will respect us when we need it.

Must be actively leveling either BST SMN, PUP, or DRG to be accepted in the Linkshell.

If you are interested in joining us, please do the following:

1 - Register your name on forum.
2 - Wait for an admin to accept.
3 - Reply to the the Application thread in the General Discussion Forum.


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